“There’s Nothing Out There” (1991)

Let’s get started!  Today we’re going to chat about the 1991 movie “There’s Nothing Out There.”

Just barely missing the deadline, this movie would have fared better in the horror filled pool of the 1980’s.  It was just cheesy enough, campy enough, and scary enough to be a real gem: in the right generation.  This would have been an instant cult classic if it wouldn’t have come along too late.  The 1990’s brought a new era of horror to the screen and “There’s Nothing Out There” unfortunately wasn’t part of this new cinematic adventure.

To be fair, I still thoroughly enjoyed this movie from start to finish and was left with zero regrets for how I spent that 1.5 hours.  Believe me, I’ve had big regrets in my past!  The movie tries way too hard to break the fourth wall, but it was so in your face that it was fun.  The film starts with a group of kids going to a cabin in the woods (go figure, huh?) and one of the characters, Mike, has spent his life studying all things horror.  Naturally, he notices all of the signs indicating the group has entered their own horror movie.  Of course nobody believes him and the movie progresses in a hilarious fashion of every horror movie cliché imaginable.

I refuse to spoil the ending for you because I highly recommend the watch.  So grab a bag of popcorn, turn the lights off, and prepare for an hour and a half of pure fun that is next to impossible to get with modern movies.

And when you see that movement off to side of you, remember kids, “There’s Nothing Out There.”

See you tomorrow lovelies!

My watchability score: Scariness 2, Surprise Twist 2, Gore 2.5, Suspense 3, Story 3

TOTAL: 12.5

The Team @
Ritual Cult

Written by: Ashley Tia Long



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