“StageFright” (1987)

Here we go again!

Greetings crazies!  Today, I’ve got something special for you!  Part 1 in a two part review!  We’re going to chat about the movies “StageFright” and “Stage Fright.”  Though not technically related I find this incredibly implausible and view these movies as the same with slightly different plots.  Today, we’re going to focus on the 1987 version, “StageFright.”

This movie had a lot going for it.  There was cheesiness; there was campiness; there were jump scares; there were frights and shrieks and lots and lots of blood.  “StageFright” is unique and something you won’t really find again, ever, like literally ever, except Stage Fright, which we will get to tomorrow!

To the bare bones, this movie is about a group of stage performers that are rehearsing for an upcoming production, titled The Night Owl, and start getting killed.  There’s the mean and overbearing director, the ditzy actresses, the too nice security guard, and all of the other easy to spot stereotypical characters.  The leading lady, Alicia, sprains her ankle and needs immediate medical attention, but that mean and overbearing director refuses to let her leave and threatens to just replace her.  With the help of the too nice security guard, she and a friend sneak out of the theater to seek medical attention.  Want to take a stab at the nearest hospital?  You got it!  A mental institution.  After Alicia gets some help they return to the theater with an extra guest.  An escaped mental patient named Irving Wallace who was an actor that went on a killing spree years past and just happens to be the person that the current play Alicia is in is based on! Gasp!  Are you following along still?  The group lock themselves in the theater so they can focus strictly on rehearsing and then murder and mayhem ensue as Wallace hacks everyone to bits.

Honestly, I found the ending a bit predictable and called “both” twists well before they happened.  This definitely doesn’t take away from the fun of the movie in the slightest, though.  There were plenty of jump scares that got me and the overall suspense was dripping from the screen.  Even though the acting left a bit to be desired I found the story to be overall strong enough to cover for this.  Definitely worth a watch and even better when paired with Stage Fright (2014).  Stay tuned tomorrow for that review!  So grab that bag of popcorn, turn off all the lights, and prepare to be captivated by the Night Owl!

And remember, children, be extra careful where you explore.  You never know what awaits you in “the theater of death!”

See you tomorrow lovelies!

My watchability score: Scariness 3.5, Surprise Twist 1.5, Gore 3, Suspense 3.5, Story 3

TOTAL = 14.5

The Team @
Ritual Cult

Written by: Ashley Tia Long

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