“Stage Fright” (2014)

Let’s just jump right in!

Greetings crazies!  Today, I’ve got part 2 coming at you in our two part review!  Yesterday we chatted about the movie “StageFright” from 1987 which earned a watchability score of 14.5.    Though these two movies are not directly related, to me they are so very similar that I decided to lump them together.  Today, we’re going to focus on the 2014 version, “Stage Fright.”

This movie had everything going for it in every possible way!  It was scary; it was creepy; it had beautiful, beautiful singing!  Seriously, what’s better than a scary movie musical? Nothing;  the answer is absolutely nothing!  “Stage Fright” was unique and inspiring and so completely peculiar it made a deep impression on me I won’t soon forget.

The movie starts with a quick flashback of the grisly murder of an actress that you just know will play a huge part later on!  After the flashback you find yourself in present day following a group of kids at a prestigious musical theater summer camp.  They are preparing to audition for a knockoff “Phantom of the Opera” inspired play; the same play that, you guessed it, the murdered actress from the beginning was in.  And you’ve also guessed this, too!  Her two children are now both teenagers and work at the summer camp.  And Camilla and Buddy were raised by the camp’s owner, Roger, AND Camilla has aspirations to be an actress just like her mother.  She manages to get an audition for the play and is awarded the lead.  Queue the killer, the Opera Ghost, going on a murder spree and picking off the campers in a blood and gory fashion.  AND THERE’S HEAVY METAL MUSIC EVERY TIME THE OPERA GHOST APPEARS!  What’s better than a horror movie musical WITH HEAVY METAL AND GUITARS?!  NOTHING ON THIS EARTH!  Excuse the fangirling moment.  I may have an addiction to heavy metal!   Now back to the movie.  The movie progresses into more and more grisly murders by the Opera Ghost as Roger refuses to contact the authorities due to an important Broadway agent coming to opening night.  As you can guess this simply leads to avoidable terror and mayhem.  The killer is an opera hating, theater loathing, heavy metal lover!  Can you guess who the Opera Ghost is?

Alright, now let’s have some real talk.  Let’s be honest here no matter how difficult this is for me to admit.   I completely and utterly missed the “twist” at the ending.  I had not a clue who the killer was and that is just something that would normally break my heart to admit.  But I simply view it as an admission to how amazing this movie was.  I was so drawn in and intrigued while watching that I didn’t bother trying to analyze the movie.  I was so completely engrossed I didn’t care to do anything except watch the movie!  And I sucked it all in, every last second of this movie.  I didn’t pause it; I didn’t pick up my phone once; I didn’t even get up to go to the bathroom!  Watch this movie!  Watch all of this movie!  Don’t go into it with judgements and just sit back and enjoy the music; heavy metal and all! So grab that bag of popcorn, turn off all the lights, and prepare to be entranced by the Opera Ghost!

And remember, kids,it might not be best “to sing your heart out;” the Opera Ghost might just come and cut it out!

See you tomorrow lovelies!

My watchability score: Scariness 3.5, Surprise Twist 3.5, Gore 3.5, Suspense 3.5, Story 2.5
*And half a point for the pure ironic genius of the Opera Ghost singing and playing heavy metal!

TOTAL = 17

The Team @
Ritual Cult

Written by: Ashley Tia Long

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