“Nightbreed” (1990)

Hey all!  I’M BACK!!

Greetings crazies!  Today, I’ve got something real special for you.  We’re going to chat about Clive Baker’s 1990 movie, “Nightbreed.”

Now this is a movie to talk about!  It’s weird and even weirder and beyond weird, but it is so so so much fun!

The movie centers on Boone, a troubled young man, who has nightmares about monsters in a place called Midian.  Midian is a fantastical world with terrifying creatures living in an underground world.  Our main character finds himself confiding in his psychiatrist in order to better understand these nightmares that plague him.  His doctor convinces Boone that he is the serial killer that is being hunted by the police and even solicits a confession from him for all of the murders.  After some interesting sequences, Boone finds himself in a cemetery where Midian is housed, bitten by one of the monsters, shot dead by the police, and revived by the monster bite.  Did you happen to follow that?  While the movie is somewhat fantastical, what follows is an amazing story that is truly a work of genius.

Honestly, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie for exactly what it was; a fantasy horror movie.  Craig Sheffer, well known for Hellraiser: Inferno, does an amazing job as our main hero.  You find yourself hoping for him to win even though he’s the monster of the movie.  The story was relatively suspenseful and gripping.  There wasn’t a ton of jump scares, though there are a few down in the heart of Midian, there is still plenty of edge-of-your-seat-sitting during the climax.  And even though there isn’t much of a twist involved, the ending and story progression is pretty magical.  I found myself pretty sad when the movie ended and I was left wishing there was more.  This wasn’t because anything was left unresolved or the fact that the movie was rushed.  No, it was simply because I honestly just wanted to keep watching the movie and immersing myself in Midian.  So grab that bag of popcorn, turn off all the lights, and prepare to become a permanent resident of Midian.

And remember to be respectful of where the monsters live.  You never know when you’ll “meet the dead of night.”

See you tomorrow lovelies!

My watchability score: Scariness 2.5, Surprise Twist 2, Gore 4, Suspense 4, Story 4.5

TOTAL = 17

The Team @
Ritual Cult

Written by: Ashley Tia Long


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