A little history lesson (but we won’t bore you):

Ritual Cult Publications was founded March 12, 2016. We are a publishing company “for authors, by authors.” Our first work was published July, 2016. We are actively seeking new and upcoming authors who are passionate about their writing. We want people that will stand behind their pieces even after receiving criticism. You have to love and stand behind your own work before you can ask someone else to take a chance. Make us believe in you!

Currently looking for 2 content writers to come aboard on Ritual Cult Reviews.  If interested please contact us with your experience and 3 portfolio pieces.  Looking forward to meeting you!

We are also always open to queries from authors who are interested in publishing with us.  We will work closely with you on editing and cover design. It’s your book, your way! We will not change anything without permission and will never compromise the integrity of the story.

We are a publishing company “for authors, by authors!”

Our areas of interest in fiction are as follows:
1.) Horror Genre
2.) Fantasy
3.) Historical Fiction

We also are open to poetry submissions as well.

We believe in writing about humanity, emotions, and the world. We want different, edgy, riske! If you are interested in sending us your work please send us a query letter. Make sure to follow the following steps:

1.)Query Letter explaining why you are interested in publishing with Ritual Cult Publications
2.) A one page summary of your book and why you’re passionate about your work
3.) A one paragraph “elevator speech”
4.) The first 5 pages or all of the first chapter