Watchability Scores

Watchability Scores: *Scroll down to see our running list of movies*

To warrant a review from Ritual Cult a movie must score a minimum watchability score of 12.

(Ashley Tia will do mini reviews of movies that didn’t meet the watchability score once a week!)

There are five components that make up our watchability score:

  1. Scariness
  2. Surprise Twists
  3. Gore
  4. Suspense
  5. Story

Each category can earn up to 5 points for a perfect score of 25.

*Believe us when we say that we are still waiting on a perfect 25!

The Team @
Ritual Cult

1) There’s Nothing Out There (1991): 12.5
2) Scare Zone (2009): 15.5
3) StageFright (1987): 14.5
4) Stage Fright (2014): 17
5) Nightbreed (1990): 17